An Insider's Guide to the Conference Bridge

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The SpectrumVoIP conference bridge allows a group of participants to attend the same phone call. At your request, SpectrumVoIP tech support  will activate a conference bridge at no additional cost to your account. The bridge supports as many participants as your company has active seats with SpectrumVoIP. Each participant uses their own phone to dial in to a virtual meeting room at the appropriate time. Meetings can be scheduled in advance using the system.


The conference bridge should be used if there are more than three participants. For three participants only, simple three-way calling may be used instead.


Conference Bridge Operation Instructions


To enter a conference, dial 214-272-2278. At the prompt, enter the conference ID followed by the # key. Then enter one of the following PINs followed by the # key (default PINs can be changed).


  • Admin: 5061 (The administrator controls the call. There must be at least one administrator per call.)
  • Talk: 1478 (Participant can listen and speak)
  • Listen: 0000 (Participant can listen but not speak)


 Conference Bridge Benefits


Conference calling provides a convenient way for employees to collaborate with clients, business partners, and each other. It allows workers to be more productive while reducing travel costs. Common applications include project meetings, presentations, client meetings, team meetings, training and general communications.


Conference calls are often used in parallel with web conferencing, where sales reports, presentations and other files are shared visibly over the Internet while being discussed on the phone. This enables the presenter to clearly discuss the document while participants can simultaneously view the material.


When listening to a conference call from a noisy area, or if you are multi-tasking, then it is considered good etiquette to place your line on mute so that background noise does not distract other participants.


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