How Mobile VoIP Can Boost the Productivity of Your Workforce

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 30, 2017 9:14:00 AM / by John Crawford

John Crawford

In the past, most workers clocked in at a set time each morning, spent the day in the office, and clocked off again in the evening. The routine was the same, day after day. For the few workers who needed to travel, options for keeping in touch with the main office were limited. Solutions like forwarding their desk-phone to a mobile number, or activating an ‘out of office’ email message, were cumbersome and inefficient.



But in the modern era, flexible working arrangements are much more common, and technology has evolved to meet contemporary demands. Hosted PBX solutions now offer a sophisticated, effective and feature-rich platform for mobile workers. You may have been told that VoIP is mainly about saving money, but the real reason for its popularity is the high degree of functionality it provides.


Employees who travel frequently or who work on customer sites often require continuous access to corporate data and communications. Voice over IP services on smartphones and other mobile devices enable these workers to use critical business applications while on the move, as long as they have access to a broadband Internet connection. VoIP is one of the most powerful communication tools to emerge in recent years.


Mobile voip devices can be used to send updates, receive notifications, request assistance and collaborate with colleagues. The use of VoIP can help workers to access critical information and communicate in real time via phone calls, text chat, video and web conferencing. Conference calls can be scheduled and connected to in seconds, improving collaboration with clients, business partners and other staff members. Employees can also use the VoIP ‘presence’ feature to let managers and clients know when they’re available or unavailable.


In today’s competitive business environment, it’s incumbent upon every company to ensure its workforce benefits from a flexible and agile VoIP solution. One major advantage of a cloud-hosted IP PBX is that a single number can be used to reach each employee, whether they’re in the office or on the road. And when a call is received, the travelling worker can make use of the same rich feature set that would be available while in the office.


Voicemail messages can be converted to text and delivered through the employee’s normal email application. This boosts productivity, since workers no longer need to monitor two separate locations, or dial into a voicemail system to listen to messages. Today’s VoIP applications integrate voice and email communication, enabling staff to easily track missed calls or text messages via their inbox.


Moving to a hosted IP PBX also eliminates the security and privacy issues caused by employees bypassing business processes and using unapproved or unmonitored VoIP applications on their own devices. And hosted PBX solutions enable your organisation to generate reports with statistics on the phone usage of mobile employees. This data can be used to drive cost savings and identify more efficient methods of working.


The agility, flexibility and functionality delivered by modern cloud-based hosted VoIP platforms can enhance the security of your data, boost the productivity of your employees, and improve your control over your business, as well as providing substantial cost savings. If you’d like to learn more about how a VoIP phone system can benefit your mobile workforce, then call SpectrumVoIP today on 972-312-0388 or email


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