What is Call Park and How Can it Improve Customer Service?

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John Crawford

The SpectrumVoIP Call Park feature lets you place a call on hold and ‘park’ it in the cloud, freeing up your phone and allowing the call to be picked up on a different extension by another employee. This is a useful feature for minimizing caller hold times and improving customer service.



Let’s say you’re dealing with a customer who requires further assistance from another member of your team, but everyone is currently unavailable. Instead of sending the customer to somebody’s voicemail, or bouncing the call from extension to extension, you simply park the call in the cloud with its own numbered ‘parking spot’. Then the customer can listen to hold music while you contact your colleagues to let them know a caller is waiting. As soon as someone becomes available, they dial the parked call number and assist the caller.


SpectrumVoIP Call Park Features


  • Up to ten calls may be parked simultaneously
  • Each parked call will be automatically assigned a cloud extension
  • A parked call may be picked up by any extension in your organization
  • Calls remain parked for up to three minutes
  • After three minutes the call automatically returns to the person who parked it
  • If the return call is not answered, the call is sent to the voicemail of the person who parked it


Call Park Examples


These are some scenarios where Call Park can improve the customer service experience:


Supermarket: A supplier calls reception with an urgent message for the manager about today’s fresh food delivery. But the manager cannot be immediately located. The receptionist parks the call and pages the manager over the intercom with the parked call number. The manager hears the message and picks up the call from the nearest extension.


Remote Office Assistance: A customer is speaking on the phone to a sales rep, but the order is complex and requires pricing assistance from a specialist at a remote office (connected to your SpectrumVoIP system). The sales rep parks the call and contacts the specialist via instant messaging to explain the situation and provide the parked call number. The specialist picks up the call with all the information necessary to help the customer.


Computer Repair Business: A customer calls reception for an update on his repair, but all technicians are currently busy with other customers. If the receptionist transfers the call to a technician, the call is likely to end up routing to voicemail, leaving a frustrated customer. Instead, the receptionist parks the call and lets the technicians know a caller is waiting. The next technician to become available picks up the call and assists the customer.



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