The Benefits of Voice over IP for Your Business

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 26, 2017 12:14:26 PM / by Jake Leidy

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as IP Telephony, is a method of transmitting voice communications over broadband Internet connections. The flexibility, availability and cost-effectiveness of VoIP phone services have inspired many business owners to switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP. It's also becoming popular with residential users in need of affordable multifunctional telephone services.

 beneftis of voip for your business

Using the Internet to make phone calls offers a wide range of advantages. This article introduces a few of the wonderul benefits of Voice over IP for your business phone service.

1. VoIP services are cheaper than conventional calls

One of the primary benefits of VoIP is the low cost. VoIP services are much less expensive than analog lines, and they come packed with features that would cost extra if using legacy phone services – for example, voicemail, call recording and auto attendant. With VoIP, you won't see a long list of extra service charges. SpectrumVoIP offers every available feature under all our monthly plans, with no up-front costs. Read more about our plans,

2.VoIP is perfect for a mobile workforce

In the past, professionals who travelled frequently or worked remotely would require both a mobile phone and an office landline. Some businesses dropped landlines entirely in favor of smartphones, but VoIP has made it even easier to make and receive calls from any location. As long as you're in range of a broadband connection, you can log into the SpectrumVoIP system and receive dial tone. Clients don't need to remember multiple phone numbers to reach you. You have a single number, and the call finds you wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using. 

3. VoIP offers flexible handset and phone number options

When switching to VoIP, you can choose dedicated VoIP handsets from our extensive range, or you can use your existing handsets with the aid of a converter. You can also keep your current business phone numbers, or set up as many new numbers as needed for your staff. VoIP services are generally charged on a per-user basis, which gives you the flexibility to use a single number for your entire business, or multiple numbers if employees require individual lines.

4. VoIP includes many convenient features

VoIP services include a wide range of productivity-enhancing features to make your business run more effectively. For example, the ‘call follow’ function allows callers to reach you wherever you are, so you don’t need to worry about missing calls or playing voicemail tag with clients. And VoIP makes it easy to set up video and conference calls via a user-friendly interface, without the hassle and accidental hang-ups that afflict legacy conferencing systems.

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