Trusted Ford Dealership cuts costs and modernizes their business communications with SpectrumVoIP 

[fa icon="calendar"] May 17, 2017 11:51:00 AM / by Jake Leidy



 The Ford Motor Company is the second-largest US-based automaker and the fifth-largest in the world, producing over five million vehicles annually and employing over 200,000 workers acro
ss 90 facilities worldwide.

Our client, a leading Ford car dealership in Texas, is a highly trusted name within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. But as with many expanding businesses, sustained success came with growing pains for our client’s outdated business communications infrastructure.

Already employing up to 200 staff at six locations, and facing further rapid growth, this dealership chose to explore a modern alternative to replace their antiquated premise-based PBX system.

One of our client’s major issues was the ongoing expense associated with maintaining an obsolete phone system, as well as the old platform’s lack of functionality and inability to scale to meet our client’s evolving needs. As such, it was vital that we delivered a substantial infrastructure upgrade, with flexible growth options and at a competitive price point.


SpectrumVoIP was pleased to take the lead in modernizing our client’s network and ISP, and transitioning them to a powerful new business voip solution, including all new equipment – phones, routers, and switches – with no upfront investment costs. The combination of modern handsets, a network overhaul, and inexpensive pricing plans made our platform the winning choice. (See our full list of features)

Our scalable and easy-to-manage solution delivered low cost voip service, with zero ongoing maintenance costs, and our client was delighted to feature our sleek full-colour display phones in their brand new showroom.

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